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Reading Images

Learning Objective: 
to analyse and research how meanings are created in print media and .(AO2 & AO4)

Success Criteria:
- explore how the visual aspects of print media create meaning for audiences
- demonstrate an understanding of the gap between messages and the reality (verisimilitude)
- use qualitative and quantitative approaches to analyse images
undertake and apply appropriate research to enhance understanding

In our digital age, it is easy to manipulate images. 

The dates of images, production details including pixel count and camera type etc., inform a 'reading' of an image as part of a textual analysis. Context also helps - is is a news or celebrity image, might is have been 'photoshopped' or manipulated in some way?

In pairs, work together to decide whether the image you see is a HOAX or a 'real' shot. Note down your reasons for each - are they TEXTUAL or CONTEXTUAL?
The Obama campaign declined to have any direct affiliation with the Hope poster as it had been "perpetuated illegally" and independently by the street artist, Shepard Fairey - yet it brought Obama to the public attention and has been described as "the most efficacious American political illustration since 'Uncle Sam Wants You'" by The New Yorker art critic Peter Schjeldahl

Equally, there’s been some question about who shot the original photo that inspired the artwork. The first photograph was taken by Associated Press freelancer Mannie Garcia. The photo dates back to April 2006 where Mannie Garcia was on assignment to photograph a press conference with George Clooney and then-Illinois-Senator Barack Obama. For a while, the inspiration was thought to have been taken from that then, based on an image of Obama photographed by Reuters photographer Jim Young. In addition, it is thought that Tom Gralish of the Philadelphia Inquirer has found the exact image that Fairey’s poster was based on. 

This debate is very 21st century and stems from the very fact that the Internet makes images very easy to acquire and distribute - this poster now has connotations for many about copyright, authorship and rights to images.