2a Analysis

Analysing and Critiquing Websites 
for Design and Content

Assessing what works and what doesn’t work online in terms of design can help you as you develop your own web projects. It is also important to evaluate the content validity of a website. 
  • What is the purpose and audience of the website you need to design?
  • What websites have you looked at that are of similar purpose to your own?
Criteria for evaluating sites include the following: 
• Design 
• Visual layout 
• Consistency structures 
• Colour scheme 
• Visual hierarchy elements 
• Content 
• Bias 
• Currency 
• Source 
• Ability to corroborate information 
• Operating system and browser compatibility 
• Compatibility with multiple device screen sizes and form factors

TASK: What kind of information determines purpose, audience, and audience needs? 

In pairs:
1) Contrast the PBS site for adults, www.pbs.org, with their site for kids, www.pbskids.org, discussing the following: 
  • Purpose of the site 
  • Audience for the site 
  • How the site uses design principles to emphasise purpose and audience 
2) Evaluate the school’s website for design and content: