1c Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is superior for creating vector-based graphics from images. 
This activity will introduce you to the interface, terminology, and basic panels in Illustrator, work with swatches to manage colours in an Illustrator document, understand and work with layers, and save and export files.
Follow the link for a tutorial on how to create a LOGO at the bottom. Try using your new skills to create the four icons!
Technical Skills

• Understanding the Adobe Illustrator workspace
Assessment Objectives

CIE 9607 Media Studies AS
AO3: Plan and construct media products using appropriate technical and creative skills

ISTE NETS*S: Curriculum and Content Area Standards – NETS for Students
Technology Operations and Concepts 
Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. Students: 
a. understand and use technology systems. 
b. select and use applications effectively and productively. 
d. transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.