1b Graphic Icons

Can you represent a film using four graphic icons?
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1) Watch this video to see how Adobe Illustrator is used to create four icons that boil down a film into its essential elements. Can you guess this one?
2) Decide on four icons that represent the film you are making for your coursework. Sketch them out and share with the class. 
2a) CHALLENGE - try and create graphic icons on Illustrator (introductory course here) or another programme. Post your icons on your blog with an explanation of the meaning you wanted to create and the skills you learned.

Here is mine - can you guess the film?

Production Skills Evaluation

Once you have designed your icons on Illustrator, you will write an evaluation in exam conditions. 
The question and rubric are below.

C4 Four Icon Challenge


9607 Media Studies C4A 1a&b Assessment Criteria