Web Design Project 


In this project, you will get an introduction to the basic principles of web design, HTML, and CSS as you create a webpage as part of your promotional package. 

Through analysing websites, you will learn to identify purpose and audience and to use design principles to emphasise purpose and audience. You will also learn about the phases of web production and about publishing web projects. The main focus of this project is to learn and understand how CSS is used to create consistency and allow for easy site-wide changes. The emphasis is on employing understanding of design principles to inform the modifications and customisations you make to the page’s Cascading Style Sheet. 


A completed website that complements your film as will be submitted as part of your coursework.


At the completion of the project, you will have developed the following skills: 

Project management skills
• Designing for a specific audience and purpose
• Understanding the phases of web development 

Design skills
• Designing for their audience(s) 
• Applying design principles 
• Creating wireframes 
• Creating design comps 
• Learning basic HTML 
• Understanding CSS
Designing with CSS 
• Organising pages with CSS 
• Applying design aspects such as colour, design, layout, contrast, and composition 
• Integrating images and text 
• Planning images and graphics based on needs and audience

Research and communication skills
• Analysing and critiquing websites 
• Evaluating and analysing content validity 
• Evaluating and analysing website navigation 
• Understanding copyright issues and fair-use guidelines 
• Advocating and practicing legal use of images 
• Collecting and analysing audience needs and purpose to inform design
• Participating in peer review 
• Communicating and presenting design decisions 
• Giving feedback on a project

Technical Skills

• Understanding the Photoshop workspace 
• Resizing, rotating, and cropping images 
• Correcting coluor 
• Retouching images 
• Generating multiple file formats 

• Understanding the Illustrator workspace 
• Creating vector artwork 
• Modifying and transforming graphics 

• Understanding the Dreamweaver workspace 
• Setting up a web project 
• Using the Insert panel 
• Using the Assets panel 
• Creating and editing HTML 
• Inserting images 
• Inserting text 
• Creating, modifying, and troubleshooting 

Cascading Style Sheets 
• Editing and customising CSS rules 
• Using the CSS Styles panel 
• Using CSS text styles 
• Using Live View 
• Publishing web files


  1. Design Principles 
  2. Analysing Websites
  3. Introduction to HTML and CSS 
  4. Introduction to project planning, project management, and teamwork 
  5. Getting started with Adobe Photoshop 
  6. Wireframes 
  7. Design comps 
  8. Peer review 
  9. Editing images and graphics 
  10. Copyright and fair use 
  11. Getting started with Adobe Dreamweaver 
  12. Inserting content in Dreamweaver 
  13. Working with CSS 
  14. Publishing with Dreamweaver 
  15. Presenting design projects