Learning Objective: 
to understand how meaning is created through light and shadow

Success Criteria:
* plan and construct a short film using light and shadow to create meaning (AO2, AO3, AO4)

This project focuses on the power of LIGHT and SHADOW to create meaning in film.

Sparkles & Wine

You will watch a short film and some tutorials on the use of light and shadow. 
You will then plan and film a short scene using different lighting techniques.
Finally, you will reflect critically and evaluate the production process.

Case Study: Skyborn (Stone, 2012)

Jamie Stone, the director of Skyborn, explains that the process of making the film led to many decisions that affected the final outcome of the short film. In the development of the script, the contributions of the Sound Designer, the Cinematographer and the Production Designer all added to the way the film developed on a budget of around £10,000. 

Stone's aim was to push the boundaries of the limitations of a student film production, to make it feel ‘big’ and have a sense of scale. Skyborn uses a lot of ‘in camera’ effects, in this case - sand animation, fog and miniatures.

Viewers often assume that all effects these days are done digitally, but this film shows that a lot can be done in front of the camera rather than on a computer afterwards.




Watch the film and think about:
- what elements of Skyborn you enjoyed the most
- any elements that didn’t work for you
- the use of light, particularly at the beginning



Great Cinematography with Only One Light!.mp4



How To Light For Darkness!.mp4

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