AS Level and A Level candidates study the following topics:

Component 1 Foundation Portfolio

• film opening task
• magazine task.

Component 2 Key Media Concepts

• Section A: Textual analysis and representation:

– camera shots, angle, movement and composition 
– editing
– sound
– mise-en-scène. 

• Section B: Institutions and audiences, in relation to one of the media areas specified below:

– film
– music
– print
– radio
– video games.
A Level candidates also study the following topics:

Component 3 Advanced Portfolio

The following set briefs are offered:

• music promotion package
• film promotion package
• documentary package
• short film package.

Component 4 Critical Perspectives

• Section A: Evaluation of production skills development

• Section B: Contemporary media issues, in relation to one of the topics specified below: 

– contemporary media regulation 
– global media 
– media and collective identity 
– media in the online age 
– post-modern media.
Holly Fairbrother,
22 Mar 2015, 22:07