Memes & Remix Culture

Learning Objective: 
to demonstrate an understanding of the media concept of memes
Success Criteria:
- explore the etymology of memes (AO1)
- demonstrate understanding of how meanings are created and distributed (AO2)
apply knowledge to create a meme (AO2)


You will research and read around memes, 
then use your knowledge and understanding to create your own.

Richard Dawkins coined the term 'meme' in his book, The Selfish Gene (2006) to describe the survival instincts of human beings; an aspect of human nature that desires to pass on ideas in various cultural contexts - just as we do genes, biologically.

In terms of digital literacy, meme is "a popular term for describing the rapid uptake and spread of a particular idea presented as a written text, image, language 'move' or some other unit of cultural 'stuff'" (Lankshear & Knobel, 2006).

A meme communicates a particular idea in an interesting and 'novel' way; it assumes a shared response from a  cultural group - therefore relating to a particular discourse about the world. When people pass on the meme, they are reinforcing their ideas and own sense of the world. It refers to 'viral marketing', where ideas spread through culture like a virus spreads through a population.

  1. Read the recommended links on the right and explore memes further in some independent research.
  2. Create your own meme and share it via social media. 
  3. Analyse how you could use a meme as part of your A2 Advanced Portfolio.
  4. Write a blog post evaluating:
    • the process of your research, 
    • your planning and production skills including use of digital technology, 
    • any changes and refinements, and 
    • use of media conventions. 
  • Refer to at least three sources of research in your critical evaluation.
You will be assessed with the criteria below:

Meme Project Assessment Criteria
Recommended Reading

Remix Culture: Rickroll Case Study - below