1: Media Literacy

Learning Objective: 
to understand what it means to be media literate
Success Criteria:
- develop a definition of media literacy
- explore how an understanding of media literacy contributes to our identity and success as media studies students
- use terminology appropriately (AO1)

a) Read the definitions of media literacy.
b) In each definition, identify:
  • what ideas of media literacy they all share
  • ideas of media literacy that are unique to particular definitions
  • how much agreement there is overall
  • where there seems to be disagreement
c) Share your ideas with the rest of the group.
d) Produce your own three-sentence definition of media literacy. 

a) Read through and remind yourselves of the CIE Assessment Objectives (AOs) for this course.
b) Match your definition of media literacy against these objectives.
c) Write a paragraph explaining what it means to be a successful, media literate A2 media studies student.

Many people have negative feelings towards the saturation of today's media. Parents feel that younger generations are missing out on 'real culture' (plays, novels, art) and that they are 'demonised' by digital culture. 

Thinking about this, how much do you agree with the following statements:

Statement 1

It is a natural part of the ageing process to believe that music, television, films, and culture in general was 'better' in the past.

Statement 3

"Modern entertainment fans have little respect or time for people who don't understand something, making comments about the effect it has on people who do understand it". (Barham, 2004)

Statement 5

Today's media provides rich, multi-layered experiences through streamed television drama, participation in blogging and intense motivational energy in gaming.

Statement 2

We should think of the media as "a kind of positive brainwashing: the popular media steadily, but almost imperceptibly, making our minds sharper". (Julian McDougall)

Statement 4

Older people dismiss media and entertainment as "lowbrow fluff" because they are a bit jealous of youth and they don't really 'get it'.

Statement 6

Media studies is relativist: there are no judgements made about which texts and products are of more value than others.
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