Production Evaluation: Editing
Learning Objective: to understand what is required of C4A 1a and 1b of the final A2 examination

Success Criteria:
- plan and construct a short film using appropriate technical and creative skills (A03)
- apply knowledge and understanding to show how meanings are created through the use of narrative when evaluating my own practical work (AO2)
- craft a clear written reflection that establishes a clear sense of progression on the production process
- include a broad range of specific, relevant and clear examples from my production work of the use of narrative

1) Complete the task below in a group.
2) Write a response in examination conditions using the paper and mark scheme below. Refer to these Reflective Writing Rules to help craft your response.

 narrative• representation• audience• media language.Section B: Con of compo
 International AS and
Holly Fairbrother DES 2015